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You grew an inch in the past six weeks, but did not gain any weight despite consuming spoons of peanut butter on a regular basis. 

You selected the colors for Mama’s most recent pedicure: 

 You started a five-mornings-a-week program at your school and are adjusting well, though Mama has noticed that you are more apt to want to cuddle with her. You also seem to have forgotten how to wash your hands at home. 

You are enthralled by the Madeline books, a taste you come by honestly — Mama loved them when she was your age. 

You talk about death a lot, saying things like, “I don’t want to die,” and “Do you want to die, Mama?” This has been going on, off and on, for at least six months, but this time it’s more intense. We are being honest and kind with our answers, so you know that everyone dies but usually when they’re very old or sick. 

You seem to be enjoying school, though it’s a bit tough to tell since you have made a game of not telling us anything about your day. You insist for example that you don’t know who you sat next to at snack, or that it’s a secret.

You sometimes share details of your day in transitory moments, like the car on the way home from school. The other day you divulged that you had declared your love for a girl in your class. Another day, you excitedly taught Mama a new song while we were walking across the parking lot after school.

You want to go to our little neighborhood park every day. 

You love the Sound of Music soundtrack and know most of the words to most of the songs. We know this because we overhear you singing them when you think we’re not paying attention. 

You have developed a serious nail-biting habit. The paint-on remedy is not doing much to deter you. Mama is considering digging out the teething toys. 

You are reasonably proficient at putting your clothes on, though whenever you get your underwear or shorts backwards you leave them that way, declaring that’s how you like to wear them.

You’ve started your first session of swim lessons without Mama in the water with you, and your teacher says you’re doing great. It helps that you have a buddy from school in the class — so you both have a friend to splash. 

You named a bunch of adults, including Mama and Daddy, when asked who your friends are. 

You asked a teacher — from another class — if she loves you. (She said she does.)

You asked both your teachers if they will miss you when you go home. 

You asked Mama if she misses you when she’s walking down the stairs with you.

You clearly have a lot going on in that sweet little noggin.

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My Awesome Birthday

  As I get older, I care less about my birthday. Case in point: when my mom asked what I wanted this year, I told her, truthfully, that I want to go to a movie. We’ll be doing that soon, but in the meantime the actual day was pretty awesome. Here are a few of the reasons why:

– My kid walked away from me, happy to play with a buddy, when I dropped him off at school. A year ago, we had an elaborate separation ritual involving angst and tears, so I am thrilled to see him so comfortable.

– I had a lap lane all to myself. For the whole time I swam. 

– I saw a nun driving along in a wimple and ear buds, which made me laugh out loud. 

– I got to run errands by myself while sipping on my favorite coffee drink ever and enjoying the endorphin high I’d gotten from swimming. 

– My son sent me flowers. Okay, my husband sent me flowers with a message that read like it was from our kid. He’s done this every year since the Boo was born, and it’s now one of my favorite things about my birthday. 

– My mom brought us cupcakes!

– The Boo crashed out super early (thanks to a skipped nap) so I got lots of relaxed time with the hubs at the end of the day. (Translation: we drank port and watched the season finale of “American Ninja Warrior” which definitely counts as quality spousal time these days.)

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