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One day, about six months ago I think, I was singing to the Boo. I don’t know the real title of the song, and I changed the words to half the verse because I couldn’t remember them. But one part was true to the original:

When you’re not near me, I’m blue

I had sung this to my kid many times before, but on this occasion, he stopped me and asked why I was blue, not yellow or green. After I stopped laughing, I said, “It means when my little boy is far away, I get sad.”

“Do you cry, Mama?”

“Sure, I guess so, yes.”

He sprang up from my lap, giggling, and put himself in the farthest corner of the room.

“Are you blue, Mama?”

I said yes, I was indeed blue.

“Are you going to cry, Mama?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

I did my best fake cry. And he laughed.

“Cry some more, Mama.”

He waited until I had gotten myself thoroughly worked up. I had taken a couple of breaks to peek at him, and each time he commanded me to cry some more. Finally, he decided he should put me out of my misery and ran to me, hurling himself into my arms.

Since that day, he has periodically asked me to play “the blue game” with him. He requires me to cry ever more theatrically, for longer periods, before he will launch himself from across the room.

It is my favorite game, ever.

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Damn, that was a killer flip turn.

Will my stupid broken toe ever quit bugging me? And why can’t I remember to tape it before I swim?

Why that lady is wearing shorts? Looks like she’s going to swim laps.

It would be cool to have prescription goggles so I could kind of see stuff while I swim.

What is THAT? Maybe it wouldn’t be cool to see better underwater.

So apparently I will never be able to swim backstroke in a straight line. Jesus.

Shorts lady is the the water, without shorts. Did she really think we couldn’t deal with the sight of her thighs? Poor thing.

Okay, I flipped over just like before, so why is my head pointing at the bottom of the pool?

Huh, backstroke is a lot easier if I rock my torso side to side when I pull my arms down.

I wonder if I can get away with one trip to Target this week?

I’d really like to live in Paris for a while. Or Tokyo.

Where does that guy get off telling me I should have been swimming against the wall? Doesn’t he know the first one in the lane gets to pick what side they want? Amateur.

Why do my legs feel so heavy today?

Why do I feel so spazzy doing dolphin kick? Well, at least it’s getting easier.

No, I really need to pop into Target. Crap. Why do we always need more stuff?

Damn, that was a killer flip turn.

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It’s been over a week since Toyfest ’14, a/k/a Christmas, and already the memories are fading. Herewith I hope to capture at least a few.

– You asked if Santa was coming/if it was Christmas every few days for the entire month of December. You also asked where Santa was. A lot. Whenever Mama asked if you wanted to meet Santa, you said no, then you asked to go see him day after Christmas.

– You enjoyed decorating the tree, which in your world means telling Mama where to put the ornaments, and then occasionally pulling them off and leaving them somewhere after trying and failing to put them back on.

– You didn’t notice the gradual increase of gifts under the tree, but the appearance of a stuffed stocking on Christmas morning made an impression. (See cookies for Santa entry below.)

– You enjoyed making cookies with Mama, and became proficient at sifting and dumping and stirring. Rolling cookie dough balls in sugar, not so much — though you were very good at eating spoonfuls of sugar. You also loved playing with the stand mixer — it spent about a month on the floor so you could look at it, ask questions about it, attach and detach the beaters, and turn it on and off (with supervision).

– You went with Mama and Daddy to deliver plates of cookies to the neighbors. You only wanted to climb the stairs to ring the bell at one house, where twin girls live. At another house, the Chinese granny treated you to her rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” — on the harmonica.

– You enjoyed the Polish Christmas Eve tradition of oplatki — basically a giant communion wafer stamped with Christmas scenes that you break and eat with family while wishing them well in the coming year.

– You seemed skeptical about leaving a note and cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, but you gamely went along with it. We left your empty stocking next to the plate so Santa could fill it for you, and he did — with Gummi Bears, jelly beans, a tiny motorcycle, and a Caillou doll.

– You really got into opening presents this year, but we still didn’t get through all of them on Christmas. However, you also enjoyed opening the stragglers for days afterward. And still, everyone was so generous that we held a few of our gifts back for your birthday.

– You liked all your presents, but particularly enjoyed playing with your take-apart engine (from Daddy) and watching Totoro (from Grammie) on Christmas Day. As the days have gone by, you’ve been playing with everything in rotation.

– You were okay with putting away the ornaments and lights, but balked at parting with your Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD and negotiated to keep it for an extra day. Mama was not thrilled with this arrangement, but agree to it in the spirit of Christmas.

– You occasionally ask where the ornaments are, and if it’s Christmas again. Mama does her best to explain that Christmas only happens once a year.

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