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I’m so sure! Like, she’s totally rad in that blazer!

And she went to college, so she totally knows not to flush that dirty diaper down the toilet:


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Mad Face

Today’s kvetchitude is not mine, but the baby’s: He has officially started making a Mad Face. He busts it out when he’s frustrated, or displeased, or I close the dishwasher or fridge just as he comes crawling up.
Since I don’t post photos of him publicly, you’ll have to use your imagination. But this is it, exactly, only without glasses, with dark hair, and much, much, younger:


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Baby Picture

Everyone’s always bugging me to post photos of the baby on here, so okay, fine, here you go:


Bahahaaaaa suckers, that’s not my baby! He’s cuter and has more hair than that!

Also, he’s not a girl.

And he would totally rock the cover of the Target baby coupon mailer way harder than this.

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Ever since he started crawling a few weeks ago, the baby has been far more interested in real-world stuff than any bright plastic gadget. Thus I present for posterity a few of his favorite things, most of which have been freshly and hastily cleaned.






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I’m told the baby will soon develop his own opinions, so I’m taking every opportunity to dress him for maximum maternal amusement. And anyway, I’m pretty sure the Japanese say all stripes go together.


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That bitty little white thing used to fit my baby. The red one fits him now.

20121123-184355.jpgI kinda wish the big one had hand-hiders, though, because his favorite new game is Grab-Neck.

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We ordered a two-pack of pacifier tethers back when the baby was itty-bitty. He kicked the binky habit at around six months, but we still use them to secure small toys to his bib or shirt. I may buy them for every expectant mother I know from now on, because they’re the kind of thing you need but serially forget to pick up. (Or at least, that was true for me.)

We have the Booginhead brand; you can pick some up here.

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Cue the circus music.


For the record: I love these.

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This lithograph was a baby gift from a good friend and her husband. It’s by W. Myers and is called “Your Move.” The nursery was previously known as the Indian Room because of, duh, all the Indian artwork on the walls. We are not the redecorating types, so this print was the only addition, and it fits in nicely.

I feed the baby in that glider, and when he seems to be done I turn him around to face me, partly to cuddle him and partly to see if he needs a burp. About a week ago, he looked up above my head, got a huge grin on his face, and then started giggling. He now does this after every feeding.

Easily the best five parts of my day.

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My husband has a sweet and creatively gifted coworker who knitted this sweater for our baby. People who can knit impress the hell out of me because I’ve tried, and failed, and I know it takes talent, precision and patience to do it well.

Even though this is newborn-sized, the A-line design means it still fits. I love it so much I will put it on him until it won’t button up any more.


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