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Christmas Wrap-Up

Here’s the list of Things to Remember for next year, mostly about food for some reason. Enjoy, friends.

  1. The Boo was up at 5:30 on Christmas morning, and had torn through his stocking stuffers by 5:45. After he made his way through the stack of Santa presents, he reluctantly agreed, with much whining, to hold off on the presents under the tree until after everyone was up and ready. It’s the same every year, the mad dash of opening that he loves and that, in all honesty, I both cringe at and kind of love seeing. But it made me think: why confine it to one day? Seriously consider opening the floodgates early next year.
  2. The Trader Joe’s “rise and bake” cinnamon buns never turn out as amazingly as we think they will, and we spend all kinds of time and energy on them. Buy some damn pastries next year.
  3. Make-ahead desserts (whipped cream layered with thin cookies) were tasty, easy and fun, but still a bit crunchy after only three hours in the fridge. Mini cakes need about six hours in the fridge.
  4. We all got grumpy Christmas morning because we needed protein. Make some sort of baked egg thing the day before.
  5. Our minimal, simple dinners still left us kind of worn out, and the kitchen in a constant state of chaos. Research a great place for Christmas Day, maybe dim sum?
  6. The Fraser Fir didn’t drop ANY needles and it still smells great. Do that again.
  7. Getting out for a daily walk was one of the keys to a great few days. Do that again.
  8. Two weeks with a tree up felt about right. Do that again.
  9. The Boo got a huge kick out of shopping for family members. Involve him in the process more.
  10. We took about three photos all day, which means that we were engaged in spending time together, but also means that we don’t have a lot of images of the day. Take a few more photos. Just a few.

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