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Well, sort of. I'm a bit of a Onesie addict, though this is not, strictly speaking, a Onesie. Those come from the nice people at Gerber. Everything else is a bodysuit. (These are the things you learn from Googling.)

Why, you ask, the Onesie/bodysuit addiction? Perhaps because I am a Virgo and thus am irked by T-shirts that scooch up the baby's torso whenever you pick him up. I mean, baby bellies are cute and all, but then you're left wrangling the T-shirt all damn day. I already have enough to do, thanks.

So. This one is from a company called Luvable Friends, and I have to say: Itsy! Bitsy! Guitars! How was I supposed to pass that up? I wasn't. Especially when it didn't break the bank.


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