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Now that the weather is cooler, the baby is spending more time in his sleeper pajamas in the morning. And since he’s on his belly quite a bit these days, these are my favorite. Because why shouldn’t I get some amusement out of my baby’s clothing? And he definitely digs the fun feet. My only gripe is that the sizes stop at nine months.

You can find them here.

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Well, sort of. I'm a bit of a Onesie addict, though this is not, strictly speaking, a Onesie. Those come from the nice people at Gerber. Everything else is a bodysuit. (These are the things you learn from Googling.)

Why, you ask, the Onesie/bodysuit addiction? Perhaps because I am a Virgo and thus am irked by T-shirts that scooch up the baby's torso whenever you pick him up. I mean, baby bellies are cute and all, but then you're left wrangling the T-shirt all damn day. I already have enough to do, thanks.

So. This one is from a company called Luvable Friends, and I have to say: Itsy! Bitsy! Guitars! How was I supposed to pass that up? I wasn't. Especially when it didn't break the bank.


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