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Two years since my last post. And I can’t even blame the pandemic for all of it.

The last time I posted, the Boo had just started second grade. He loved his teacher, and she was a great match for him. He was riding the bus to and from school most days, and hating it most days.

We all know what happened five months later, so I won’t bore you with that.

Instead, I’ll focus on the good news: We’ve remained healthy, employed, and reasonably happy. We’ve been able to lean on each other on tough days, and have (mostly) enjoyed the bonus time together. We haven’t lost anyone we love. On the whole, as cliché as it sounds, the ongoing stress and adversity has brought us closer.

Meanwhile, the Boo has been growing up. Third grade was remote, and tricky at times, but it gave me a new window into how he learns, and a deeper appreciation for what a great kid he is. He managed to remain connected to his friends, and though his social skills slipped a bit, they’re coming back. He hates that he’s not eligible for a vaccine, and that there’s no set date for when that will happen. Sometimes that causes big messy feelings, but he understands the why of all that, and he communicates his frustration, which to me is WAY better than him clamming up.

It’s funny to think of how he was two years ago. I’m not even sure I remember, exactly. He’s definitely taller, and funnier, and sneakier than he used to be. Harry Potter movies have given way to Star Trek: Next Generation and (some of the) Marvel movies. The Apollo program has become somewhat of an obsession, and he wants to go to Space Camp, even if he has to eat foods he doesn’t like (for the record: that’s HUGE). He’s definitely gotten more independent and confident in his abilities, which brings us to what happened the last time we cooked together.

We decided to get together with my mom for a Labor Day meal, so naturally, we needed a cake. The Boo decided on a mix (Trader Joe’s, don’t judge, they use ingredients you can pronounce!) and then announced he’d do everything himself, because “cooking is a life skill, mom!” I’d occasionally forget not to help, whereupon he’d yell, “Don’t help me!” I was however allowed to ask questions and comments like, “What are you going to stir that with?” and “I’d highly recommend doing that over the sink.”

Friends, he did everything except take the cake out of the oven (nobody wants to go to urgent care on a holiday!), and that’s when I found the note. He’d taken it upon himself to document the perfect burner level for melting butter — right down to the map of *which* burner the note pertains to. (Actually a crucial detail when your stove has ridiculously/wonderfully specialized burners that trip up the adults in the house.)

Makes me wonder what will happen next time he cooks. I’ll let you know — and I promise you won’t have to wait another two years.

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