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Pandemic Hobbies

The current state of our dining room table has nothing to do with dining.

Like the rest of the world, lockdown left me with oceans of time at home with my loved ones and fewer options for what to do with all that time and togetherness. So naturally, I picked up a new string of hobbies. Here are some that stuck around for the long haul; see if you can spot the theme!

  • Legos. My hobby by default until the Boo got really good at those RIDICULOUS DIAGRAMS UGH SERIOUSLY SO MEAN! Now I alternate between avoiding helping with Legos and using it as a connection point with the Boo.
  • Refusing to get a pandemic puppy/COVID cat/lockdown lizard. Just… no. (I finally caved to fish after a year-plus.)
  • Walking around eating bags of chips. Not just any chips. Spicy ones. Different kinds. These are my current favorites. But these are a very close second.
  • Crosswords. Easy ones, hard ones, doesn’t matter. Love them all even if I can’t figure out all the obscure literature/sports/historical references.
  • Jigsaw puzzles (such a cliché, I know, but the pandemic has given me the gift of not caring if anyone thinks I’m a living cliché).
  • Bird-watching! (Again, cliché, again, don’t care. Birds are far more entertaining than 90% of what’s on our four streaming services — I mean, have you ever actually seen a murder of crows chase a hawk? Or a hummingbird going to town on pine sap?).
  • Trying all the dark chocolate options available from Trader Joe’s. Pro tip: Stay away from this one unless you like the taste of asphalt.
  • Hoarding Trader Joe’s marshmallows. Seriously. The best. Ever. Also vegan, BTW.
  • Riding the stationary bike while re-watching all my favorite shows: Schitt’s Creek, Call the Midwife, Ted Lasso…
  • Obsessing about paint colors for various rooms — because while life and death decisions are now easy for me, choosing the right color demands months of consideration.
  • Insomnia, specifically: Being awake between 2:30 and 4 whilst reviewing all the occasions on which I’ve failed as a mother/sister/daughter/aunt/spouse/human being.
  • Researching all the trips I want to take once the Boo is vaccinated.
  • Sitting outside several times a day, preferably with food and/or beverage, staring into the treetops, because nature really is healing, y’all.

So that’s my list. What’s on yours?

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