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Oh, my people. There has been a LOT going on at our house lately. Hence the lack of posting… And hence the list format of this post.

So. Since I last posted, the following things have happened:

– Baboo took a few steps on Good Friday. We happened to be on Skype with my mother-in-law at the time, which made it even cooler. I totally burst into tears. He has not yet repeated this new trick — par for the course when he picks up a new skill.

– The baby learned how to climb onto his toy bin. He also learned how to fall off it.

– I’ve spent some time re-watching the previous season of Mad Men and getting stoked for this Sunday’s premiere. Yes, I’m one of those.

– We gave the baby the small Easter basket you see up there. He loves that talking orange egg. It says things like, “Yoo hoo, I’m hiding!” until you open it to reveal the blue bunny inside. Then it says, “Surprise, it’s me, Jojo!” whereupon he makes a very excited face. He had a good time taking the purple paper grass out of the basket, but seemed perturbed once it was spread around him. Could be he’s taking after his Virgo mama…

– I’m finally below my pre-pregnancy weight. Only by a pound, and only if I weigh myself in the morning, but it still counts, dammit!

– Baboo liked his first taste of chocolate but didn’t want much of it because of the hard shell around said chocolate. So I helped him out with the Cadbury mini eggs he rejected. Such a hardship, this motherhood thing.

– The baby now uses the sign for “more” for abstract things (not just Cheerios). This morning, he used it to say he wanted his Daddy to hold him again. Now I have to teach him more noun signs so he can say what he wants more of — because sometimes, we can’t figure it out.

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