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Every so often one of us will say we need to get this or that cute thing on video, but there are a lot of non-videoable things I want to remember. And no, I don’t care if non-videoable isn’t a word.

Here’s the list so far:

– The baby’s foot working against my leg as he takes his bottle.

– Milk breath.

– The sparky light in his eyes when he hears a new or interesting noise.

– The weight of his body against me when he’s completely relaxed — I don’t know how, but it weighs more than he weighs.

– The dainty ballet of his hand when he carefully picks something up or takes something from me.

– The smell of his neck.

– The thrilled, thrilling energy that pours out of him when he’s really excited.

– The rainbows that shoot out his butt during every diaper change.

Okay, kidding about that last one. But it still amazes me to see how perfect and beautiful his little body is.

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