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(A joint operation with the Boo.)

We got our awesome fish over the summer. If you’re in St. Louis and ever want fish, we recommend going to the amazing Aqua World.

If the fish could talk, here’s what they would say:

We eat our babies!
(That’s the mollies talking.)

I am blind and not very smart, but I am cute.
(That’s the frog. We had two, but one died.)

We like it here, they feed us good food.
(The rasboras really like brine shrimp apparently.)

We look like sea snakes, but we’re really fish.
(The loaches, they only come out when it is dark.)

We are WAY cooler than neon tetras!
(The black neon tetras are a little vain.)

We think we’re cooler than the black neon tetras because we glow in the dark!
(The glow tetras. Don’t tell them, but they don’t *actually* glow.)

I don’t know how I died.
(The ghost of the dead frog. We don’t know either, buddy.)

We don’t like it in the freezer, please let us out!
(The ghosts of the snails, awaiting a proper burial.)

And now you know all about our awesome fish.

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